Lease & Purchase Program



Lease & Purchase Program

The leasing or purchase of a horse is a long process of searching, riding, evaluating, vetting and negotiating. Regardless of how much you want to spend, or what kind of horse you want, we are here to help you find the horse best suited to your needs and budget.

Horse leasing and/or buying involves several steps. When you decide that you are ready to enter into the market, let us know and we will help you evaluate your goals (ability, size, price-range, etc). T&C charges a 10% commission the completion of your lease or purchase.

In the quest to find your horse, together we will travel locally and in some cases abroad. You may look at one or as many as 20 ponies or horses, before you find the one that is right for you. Much can be learned from riding many different horses and examining their training, attitude and conformational strengths and weaknesses.

These lease options will allow our students who do not own their own horses to enjoy the benefits without the entire commitment of purchasing. Students who lease will benefit from working with the same pony or horse every ride. Not only is this great for the rider to progress, but it also allows the horse they ride to develop a trust and bond with their rider. All rider’s leasing Town & Country ponies and horses are required to be in a regular lesson program with Town & Country.

The Share-Lease:
In the share-lease, a horse’s board, veterinary, farrier, insurance and equipment expenses are split between individuals riding the horse. Lease rates vary dependent on horse and the number of days per week you lease. In general a 3 day per week lease is in the range of $700 to $850 per month.

Full Care Lease:
Leaser assumes all associated cost of caring for the pony or horse, which include: board, veterinary, farrier, insurance and equipment. In return the lessee has full use of the horse. In some cases there can be restrictions on the full lease, for example what level the horse can jump, how many shows it can do or what type of vet work is required.

Paid Lease:
In the full care lease situation, the lessee usually pays for all of the horse’s boarding costs in addition to routine farrier, veterinary care and insurance and will also be required to pay a lease fee to the owner of the horse. The annual lease fee will be in the range of 10% to 30% of the horse’s total purchase value. For the term of the lease the lessee is responsible to care for the lease horse as if it were their own.

Available Share Leases:

Huckleberry |  12.1 hands  |  10 years old

3 day per week lease

Suitable for walk/trot to 2’3″

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